Early-Stage Caregiving


Maximizing independence

While every person experiences the early stage of dementia differently, it is common that a person in the early-stage may need cues and reminders to help with memory. As a care partner, it may be necessary for you to take the initiative to determine how you may be able to help. For example, he or she may need help with:

  • Keeping appointments
  • Remembering words or names
  • Recalling familiar places or people
  • Managing money
  • Keeping track of medications
  • Planning or organizing
  • Transportation

Middle-Stage Caregiving


Our Services 

Being a caregiver for someone in the middle stages of Alzheimer's requires flexibility and patience. As the abilities of the person with Alzheimer's change and functioning independently becomes more difficult. Daily routines will need to be adapted, and structure will become more important. Our caregivers can help address the following:

  • Changes in behavior 
  • Communication
  • Daily care needs
  • Activities that provide meaning
  • Driving
  • Other client's family safety concerns

Late-Stage Caregiving


Late-stage care decisions can be some of the hardest families face. As the disease advances, the needs of the person living with Alzheimer's will change and deepen. A person with late-stage Alzheimer's usually:

  • Has difficulty eating and swallowing
  • Needs assistance walking and eventually is unable to walk
  • Needs full-time help with personal care
  • Is vulnerable to infections, especially pneumonia

Our Caregiver 

During the late stages, your role as a caregiver focuses on preserving quality of life and dignity. Our can caregivers can provide the following:
Playing his or her favorite music

  • Reading portions of books that have meaning for the person
  • Looking at old photos together
  • Preparing a favorite food
  • Rubbing lotion with a favorite scent into the skin
  • Brushing the person's hair
  • Sitting outside together on a nice day

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